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Change and Growth are Intertwined

         I just want to say, I am incredibly proud. Overjoyed. Encouraged.       There will always be change, there will always be troubles or challenges. But there will also be the opportunity for growth. There is so much possibility, incredible amounts of potential energy in all of us. Our choices, our reactions to change open the doors to endless opportunities. 

    That isn't to say adapting or making choices is easy, quite the opposite. Whether it's a career change or reevaluating relationships, decisions can be heartbreaking. It takes time to process the hurt, the pros and cons. That final step in faith can feel like stepping off a cliff and hoping you hit sand rather than rocks at the bottom... or you can feel like you're finally stretching your wings after years of captivity. Either way, you're free-falling.       I have always been a big advocate for security-- moving so many times as a child has instilled in me a need for it. But I also believe life is not meant to be in one place, whether physically, symbolically, mentally or emotionally. We are meant to change. Life is a chance, every day is full of potential. Even if you feel it, you aren't stuck.     During quarantine, my roommates have developed a love for herb gardens: we have an abundance of mint, basil, thyme, and rosemary at my house and I'm certainly happy about it. The thing about gardening, you have to prune your plants in order for them to really grow. And often times, the clippings can grow into new plants in a process known as propagating. That pain of cutting something off, of cutting someone or something out of your life, can be beneficial, you just have to trust yourself. You can emerge from these choices stronger than ever, even if you feel exhausted and weak. And be sure to give yourself the grace and space to heal after a hard decision. You deserve it, friend. 

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