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Like A Vine

Caring Crew started as a passion project, fueled by individuals’ desires to love children who’ve touched their hearts. Today, Caring Crew is fueled by the same level of love and commitment to children. We’ve kept that fire alive for 12 years! 

What’s incredibly special about our Crew, our team, is the depth of their hearts. For SOAR, Medshare events, and Camp Angel, volunteers have come together as a team. By definition individuals become a “caring crew” to volunteer their time and resources to help in organized events. What really stands out, what makes Caring Crew different, is the dedication to the children. 

Many of us have heard of “tourism volunteering,” where groups go to beautiful countries all over the world, work with locals for a week or two, then head home, never again able to reach out to the people they meet on these trips. The work they do is good— building homes, preparing meals or clothes, forming sweet friendships. It is important and necessary work. But at the end of these “tourist volunteer” trips, the relationships end.

Caring Crew volunteers are different. In many cases, like La Sagrada Familia in Peru, the donations for the families in Bogota, and the Godparent program at Las Marias and Valle de Los Angeles in Guatemala, the relationships between volunteers and the children continues. Outside of organized events, our people love the children enough to go back on their own time and own dime. We know our children’s names, where they live, who they are. And they know us— that they matter, they’re worth a little extra effort. They are worthy of love.

It seems Caring Crew events plant the seeds, but the individuals themselves are constantly growing, nurturing those seeds. Because of you, love is spreading like a vine all over the world, and it’s flourishing.

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