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SOAR - International

SOAR Bogota

Vahum School

Our first international SOAR camp this year was in the locality of Ciudad Bolivar  in Bogota, Colombia! Caring Crew in partnership with Vahum School and Around The Worlds hosted a 3 day camp where kids participated in enrichment activities: learning sessions (English, Sustainability, Science), motor & creative projects (Art, Dance, Soccer, Crafts), a field trip, a community service project, fun and much more!

Our enrichment activities are interactive and project focused, they expose the kids to new ideas and opportunities to explore new interests. While having fun the kids are encouraged to work cooperatively with others, increasing self-confidence, self-esteem, creativity, leadership and decision making skills!


Ciudad Bolivar is a locality in the south of Bogota, this urban area concentrates the poorest population in the city and is known for its rampant levels of violence. Many programs offered to this locality are short term programs, however Vahum School offers a long-term after school program for their children. After school programs are a powerful antidote to youth crime, they provide a safe place to keep kids away from violence and they greatly benefit them by providing opportunities for academic, social-emotional, and personal growth. 


Caring Crew is proud to support this program and to support the kids of this community! 


Caring Crew’s MedShare medical supply delivery initiative is growing every year.  Caring Crew volunteers deliver donated supplies to countries all over Latin America and beyond.


Since the project was started in 2017 with approximately 300lbs delivered we have grown to over 4000lbs delivered in 2019. 


Caring Crew has 2 supply partners MedShare in Atlanta and Mission Regan in McKinney, TX, which provide the donated medical supplies.  Caring Crew has delivered supplies to Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti, Panama, Philippines, Nigeria, and Kenya.

Our 2020 goal is to continue to grow the project and expand to other countries.   None of this would be possible without the support of Delta Air Lines, MedShare, Mission Regan, and most importantly YOU the volunteers!  If you would like to learn more about this project and donate or better yet participate, please contact us at


SOAR Clarkston

Friends of Refugees 

10 years after Caring Crew started, we finally did our very first domestic event. Over the years, we have impacted lives in Peru, Guatemala, Mexico, Haiti, Nigeria, Ghana, Honduras, Philippines and Dominican Republic, which is why this first US project in our very own backyard was so special to us. 


Clarkston, Georgia is known as the most ethnically diverse square mile in America: over 40 nationalities and 35,000 refugees who have settled here in the last 25 years. We partnered with Friends of Refugees for their annual holiday party, and had an opportunity to donate jackets and toys for parents to purchase at a discounted price so they retain the dignity of paying for what they receive and creating a meaningful holiday season for families in Clarkston. 


While the parents shopped, we also manned a full on carnival style activity to entertain the kids. One of the best parts? A photo booth where their photos were printed immediately, put into snowglobe glitter frames and then wrapped as a surprise for their parents for Christmas Day! 

Caring Crew Scholarship Project 

The Caring Crew Scholarship program is intended to provide support for continuing education, for student(s) who have attended a Caring Crew event in the past. Scholarships are announced on an annual basis based on review of the application. 

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