In 2009, two Delta Air Lines flight attendants, Carla Soto Mitchell and Laura de Alonso, were on a layover in Lima, Peru when they met Miguel Rodriguez Candia. Miguel runs Sagrada Familia, an orphanage for 800 children located an hour outside Lima. Lima was a regular trip for them, and the duo decided to use their job to positively impact the lives of needy children in the cities they regularly traveled to.


Back home in Atlanta, they collected donations of clothing and books (and even cellos!) by asking friends and family to part with what they didn’t need.  They asked their colleagues to help cook beef and scoop sour cream for their Nachos for Niños fundraisers they held in the employee break rooms in the Atlanta airport.  They asked friends of friends to help bring the cash and material donations down to Lima which were looked after by the concierge at their crew hotel.


Each December, Carla, and Laura would rally the troops of volunteers (including the pilots and flights attendants from their flights) to fly down to Lima to throw a Christmas party for the kids.  


In 2014, Delta’s own CEO stood behind this employee grassroots project with the mission to provide health, wellness, and education in the communities that Delta serves.  And thus, Caring Crew was born.

Who we Are

Caring Crew is made up of employees from departments all over Delta Air Lines and others who want to join in fundraising and volunteering who have a heart for our mission.   We are also always looking for new members to work with us to further our cause and join in on the fun.

Our Mission Statement

"Providing health, education, wellness and a brighter future to children in our global communities."

Caring Crew  is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

©2018 by Caring Crew. 

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