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Amy Landon

Executive Director

Amy has been involved with Caring Crew since 2013. Amy started as a volunteer and then joined the Board of Directors in 2015,  serving in multiple roles. She has helped organize, plan, and run multiple Camp Angel and SOAR events. Amy has a passion for travel and helping those less fortunate, especially children. Serving with Caring Crew has given her many amazing experiences and opportunities to give back to children all over the globe. Originally from Utah, Amy currently lives in Smyrna, GA, and works as a flight attendant.  

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Anna Berger

Vice PResident

Anna grew up in Virginia, She worked in events before becoming a Flight Attendant at Delta, where she has loved getting involved in a variety of special assignments. She now lives in New York City, is an avid traveler, works events and production on the side, and volunteers in her free time. After volunteering with Caring Crew in Guatemala and Mexico City, Anna planned two successful Caring Crew/Medshare projects in Kenya. She is excited to serve on the board and to continue to help children around the world.


Kevin West


Kevin has been volunteering with Caring Crew since 2018 and has participated in over 15 medical supply delivery trips. Kevin is a second-generation Delta employee and started his career in 2008 working in International Cargo as a dispatch agent and TechOps as an aircraft mechanic Kevin has held various analytical roles throughout his career, supporting various business units: Revenue Management, Technical Operations, Reservations, and Global Sales. In his spare time, you can find Kevin doing projects, riding his bike, trying new restaurants around Atlanta, or headed to a new city to explore with his fiancée, Christine.


Lisa Pina

Events Director

Lisa recently joined the Delta Inflight Family after spending 8 years in other departments at Delta. She has volunteered in many Delta sponsored events, has served on the Employee Involvement Group, and was a Velveteer. Lisa devoted much of her time giving back to her community and most recently fulfilled a life goal of being able to give back in another country. She is from the Boston area where she still resides with her significant other and her dog. She is excited to be the Events Director with Caring Crew and is eager to plan events and bring some fun ideas.


Connor Carolan-Tolbert


Connor is a second-generation Delta employee. He is currently a Customer Experience Manager, leading a team of reservations specialists that service customers through social media channels. Connor has participated in over twenty medical supply delivery trips as part of the MedShare partnership and has delivered supplies to such far flung destinations like Nigeria, Ghana, and the Philippines. He currently serves as the POC for Caring Crew’s Honduras partnership with Clinica Esperanza.

Lauren Borrelli .jpg

Lauren Borrelli-Howie


Lauren works for Delta in various roles, from Sustainability, to Human Resources, to Revenue Management and Reservations Sales Alliances.  She joined Caring Crew for her first medical supply delivery to Guatemala in 2018 and has led multiple trips since. Like most Delta employees, she loves to travel and learn about different cultures. She enjoys running and scuba diving on vacation, and she is currently learning Spanish to assist in her travels (and Caring Crew trips!).


Amy Babcock

communications Director

Amy grew up in Hawaii. While in school, Amy was a practicing and licensed massage therapist and has kept up her practice over the last 15 years, including a recently completed certification in Zero Balancing. As a current Delta Flight Attendant, she has enjoyed seeing the world while also giving back. In 2019, she joined a group of Flight Attendants to volunteer at Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. Closer to home, she has enjoyed philanthropic projects with Delta at the USO and Caring Crew, creating boxes of food for children to take home. She is looking forward to supporting the Caring Crew mission and events. 


Katherine Comerford

development Director

Katherine, “Kat”, Comerford is a Georgia native. Since college, Kat has worked in areas of Sales, Marketing, and Development and has volunteered in various organizations such as Chambers of Commerce, Kiwanis Clubs, and a Junior Service League. She currently works in the roles of Flight Attendant, Marketing, and Financial Literacy. In her spare time, she enjoys being outdoors and especially loves hiking and camping in the greater Salt Lake City area, where she currently resides. She also has a passion for giving back, helping others, and living the life that Jesus has called her to. 

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