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Caring Crew Scholarship

Scholarship Program Details

The Caring Crew Scholarship program is intended to provide support for continuing education, for student(s) who have attended a Caring Crew event in the past. Scholarships are announced on an annual basis based on review of the application below. 


Scholarship Cycle 

Application period: April - May

Review period: June - July 

Payment period: After July, but depends on each applicant’s school year cycle 


  • April/May 2020, a senior in Guatemala applies with their latest class grades available to them at the time 

  • June/July 2020: Caring Crew determines scholarship acceptance 

  • February 2021: If their school does not start until the following year, that’s when the scholarship will pay out 




  • Applicant must be a graduating senior with GPA of 3.0 or higher; or local equivalent 

  • Applicant must be needing scholarship for higher education (college or vocational school)

  • Applicant must have participated in a Caring Crew event

  • Applicant must submit all the Quantitative Documentation and Qualitative Information


Application Process

Applicants will be scored based on two parts; quantitative documentation and qualitative information. All information will be reviewed and rated by 3 individuals on Caring Crew’s Scholarship Review Board. The average score between the 3 judges would determine the applicant’s final score. 

Quantitative Documentation

The following items must be verified by the correction documentation.  The quantitative information is judged by 3 different judges and scores are averaged.  Each could be judged and remove the high and low score and do the average.

  • Scores from college entry exams: FAFSA, SAT/ACT scores; or local equivalent 

  • Class Rank

  • High School GPA score; or local equivalent 


Qualitative Information 

  • School/Community Involvement and Leadership

  • Work History

  • Essay (They will answer 3 questions and write an essay)

    • Why do you think you should be given the scholarship?

    • Who has been the most influential person in your life and why?

  • Information about the scholarship: 

    • What scholarship amount are you applying for?  (either in total, or split out by quarter/semester) 

    • What would this amount cover?

    • Caring Crew will only pay out scholarships on a quarterly/semester basis. Please provide the approximate dates of your schools start/end date for the quarter/semester. (Ex: Mid-August to Mid-December; Mid-January to End of March; Early April to mid-June would be sufficient) 


Scholarship Delivery

Early - August / ASAP after review: Caring Crew will notify all applications of the status of their application. 

For successful applicants: 

Mid-August - ASAP (depending on timing of their school year): 

  • Recipient must submit the following documents to Caring Crew for review

    • Finalized dates of each semester; including date that scholarship money is due to the school (ex: August 29 - Dec 15th, tuition due to school by Sept 7th) 

    • Student ID

    • Student enrollment from university

    • Class schedule for upcoming semester

  • Once reviewed and approved, funds will be submitted directly to university/school on  a semester/quarterly basis, according to the timeline and due dates provided by the scholarship recipient.  If unable to pay the university/school directly funds may be submitted directly to the recipient.

  • At the end of each semester/quarter, recipient must provide the following information ASAP in order for the following semester/quarter’s scholarship to pay out: 

    • Confirmation of Full-Time enrollment (12 hrs)

    • Grades for the previous quarter/semester: maintaining the specified GPA of 3.0 or higher; or local equivalent

    • If this information is not provided to Caring Crew by ----, payment for the following semester will not be made. 

Scholarship Termination

  • If recipient fails to provide required documentation or fails to maintain any requirements of the scholarship , the scholarship award is terminated and university/school or recipient will not receive any additional payments.


Scholarship Review Board

  • Tricia Koch (Delta FA for 30 yrs) 

  • James Sarvis (Delta/Aeromexico) 

  • Beth Graham (independent)

Scholarship Beneficiary of the 2019 – 2020 

academic year

Alan Alexis Chunab Moo 

Mexico City - Mexico

 -- Info Coming soon --

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